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New Year

Starting a new year brings the freshness of new hope.  There is a sense of optimism and anticipation you usually only experience in the days around New Years. You feel confident.

The day is new, fresh and full of promise. Much like the adventures we take ourselves on. When Travis joined the Marine Corp, I was excited for his new adventure. Little did I know how much of his adventure I would get to be a part of.

New Years Day 2015 was when this photo was taken. I had just flown half way across the world to see my sons smile. People asked about my time in the plane. I told them it didn't matter the 13 hour flight, the layover in Toyko which ended up missing our next flight or the toilets in the floor. It was all worth it and seemed minor to the fact I would see my son and his smile.

While between 2 strangers for over 13 hours in a seat not big enough for any American, I learned something about myself.  This was not one of those mothers who lift the car off the kids discovery of strength.  It was more of the realization my children are my top priority.  There really is not much I can think of I would not sacrifice for their wellbeing.  This includes being drooled on by a total stranger who used my shoulder like a pillow. We became friends.  His name was Bill.  You learn these things when you spend this much time together.

My lesson or revelation was the understanding the depths I would go to for my children. I would follow them to the ends of the world to experience their dreams and adventures.

A picture can bring back so much of a moment. I was so very excited to be sitting across from Travis and looking at his smile. Today this picture still gives me the sense of optimism of hope for the promise of a new year and what it has to offer. Mostly, it makes me smile.

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