Armadillo Project

About our Project

Cpl Travis Nowak was a 2013 Hibbing ,MN High School graduate, who in the 2nd grade dreamed of becoming a Marine. His dream come true. Travis served his country bravely and dutifully. He planned on using the G.I. Bill to earn a business degree and return to his hometown to open an Air soft Playing field.

Sadly, Travis won’t be able to make his own dream come true. On November 10th, 2016, Travis took his own life. He left behind family and friends that understand something needs to be done! As we know reintegration for our servicemen and women is especially difficult. Military suicide risk (22 a day) significantly increases after leaving the military. It isn’t realistic to expect servicemen and women to reintegrate into their former civilian lives seamlessly.

The Armadillo Project was created to fulfill Travis’ dream of an air-soft field. We work to make a change in closing the dangerous loopholes in the separation process and being able to receive mental health care is imperative.


To provide resources and support to Veterans and their families in need of mental health and/or suicide prevention resources.


1. To advocate for a change in the length of time a veteran has to transition from military to a veteran/civilian lifestyle. It should be at least the length of base training.

2. To streamline the process of having medical records ready and available.

3. To establish a mental health plan prior to discharge. This would include local doctors and resources in the community. In addition to education the Veterans support persons who at home.